Blod, Svett & Dårar

An investigation into tradition handicraft in modern time

The investigation was to study a traditional craftsmanship in modern time – in this case the blacksmith. The conclusion of my thesis is that the blacksmith had a leading role in all communities world over – for thousands of years. The blacksmith’s were pioneers that developed the production of metalwork and techniques that resulted in the industrialism. Unfortunately, the industrialism was also the downfall of the Blacksmith. The shock waves of pushing production resulted in an almost extinct profession, loss of knowledge and prestige of the craft.
The lack of present-day interpretations of metalwork in combination of the decreasing handicraft led me to tribute the craftsmanship. The result of the project is called “Blood, Sweat and & Fools” – an accurate description of the hard work, and the characters I have met through my journey.

Project info
Isabel Venneman