Lets children play with primary coloured lights & shadows

Blob is a wooden light toy for children to play with. The idea arose from the desire to teach the properties of light in a playful way. If a white ray of light shines through a prism, the outcome is a scattered spectrum of visible light; but what if we started with coloured lights and tried to create white light with them?
Blob has four buttons with which you control the red, green and blue LEDs. If all are turned on at the same time the light on the wall will be white, but which colours are the shadows? How does light react to transparent surfaces? What will the projection look like if you hold a lens in front of the light or if you draw on the lens? These are just a few of the effects children can experiment with, when they play with Blob.

Project info
Naomi Verdaasdonk
Presskit (54.18 MB)