A carafe inspired of world's plastic burden

Water is essential for the existence of life on earth. Luckily, water can be found on 70 percent of our planet’s surface but unfortunately it is sharing its space with plastics. ‘The Blue Planet’ is soon becoming ‘The Plastic Planet’.

This carafe is showing my artistic interpretation of the problems with plastic pollution. The inspiration and understanding of the world-wide problem started with a single photo which gave me a personal connection that became the root for this project. The carafe’s design is based on the research about environmentalism and how it affects the behavior of human kind. Its features is based on combination of contrasts; what otherwise is dreadful to see in the nature — is what becomes beautiful on a dinner table.

The project is not intending to solve the problem, it is an approach to use design to reflect upon what is happening in the world and highlighting the problem using only subtle form language.

Project info
Kate Rova