The lamp that defies gravity

Balamps is a table lamp that is stable and resistant due to the principle of tensegrity, which results in tensile and compressive forces existing between the components.

Tensegrity refers to a system that remains in balance due to the combination of rigid elements subjected to compression and flexible elements subjected to tension, which in this case consists of the central metal wire. Thanks to this principle, the structure, which seems unstable and floating, maximizes resistance and optimizes the use of components, making the product versatile and minimalist.

The minimalist style highlights the supporting structure, creating an illusory effect that leads the user to wonder how the upper component can support itself.

The principle of tensegrity is also used to obtain different configurations of the structure by changing the forces that support it: by loosening the tensile force of the wire, the upper component can rotate to fit into the lower body and consequently produce different lighting effects.

Project info
Giulia Pietracaprina