Avocado Plant Pot

The next time you eat an avocado, save the pit. You can be engaged in its entire food chain for planting your own avocado.

“Avocado Plant Pot” is a transformed pot, which can supply an appropriate space for avocados from seed to tree. In seed-start stage, the seed can be inserted into the hole of assembled “Avocado Plant Pot”, and the part of seed, which is through the hole, should be rest in water. In seed-plant stage, the sprouted seed can be transplanted to the soil, planting in pottery.

In tree-plant stage, the “Avocado Plant Pot” can be separated in half. The plant with soil can be transferred outside, like garden, park, to grow by nature. Avocado needs 3-15 years to fruit. At that time, you will eat your planted avocado and plant it again with this pot set.

Project info
Hao Zhang
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