A record player for the new generation of vinyl listeners

No one would have thought that the vinyl would be making a comeback. But the last 15 years have seen a consistent rise in vinyl sales in all major markets around the world. 2021 marked the first 30 years that vinyl records even outsold CDs in the US market. Especially young people who may not even have grown up with the vinyl record are the main drivers behind this vinyl revival. The record revival shows what we, especially young people, genuinely seek in our digital and material worlds: real and valuable experiences that stand the test of time.

With the resurgence of the vinyl record comes a new demand for record players. Audioplant is a new record player for the new generation of vinyl listeners. It combines decades of knowledge of turntable construction with contemporary requirements and technologies. The belt-driven record player features a linear tonearm system that minimizes tracking error and wear on the record grooves. In contrast to conventional turntables, Audioplant has an integrated rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth connection, which allows a fully cableless experience. A slow spinning vinyl on the vertical platter draws immediate attention and gives the user a whole new level of experiencing their analogue music.

Keywords: Vinyl, Record player, Turntable, Vinyl revival

Project info
Fabian Reimann