A piece promoting affection

Time flies and our products come and go. But which products do we keep throughout our lives? Which ones survives the test of time? Which ones gets thrown out with trends and seasons?  

The products that we love and cherish are the ones last in our homes. It is the products that have earned a special place in our memories, the ones we love looking at and the ones we have had conversations around with our loved ones.  

Looking at my own product savings throughout the years, there are some which I keep and care for a little extra, the linnen fabrics that my grandma has sown, spun and woven. I wanted to find a way for me to integrate these in my design and allow others to add their own fabrics to my products to create their the feeling of affection for every user. Arvegods is an armchair made with local resources from south of Sweden that promotes reuse of fabric. 

Project info