An Exploration of Social Isolaition and Passive Communication

Not only in future deep space journeys will people find themselves in isolation, but many fates on Earth are alike. Being in healthcare, at sea, or at remote research stations, connectivity to loved ones is a remedy to the psychologically tedious manifestation of loneliness. Meanwhile, technological developments and the resulting high level of connectivity most of us live in, are emerging to be stressful for many.

Aponedia aims to create a passive representation of loved ones through abstract projections on the canvas of a table. An object practical almost to the mundane, something we spend most of our day around without our acknowledgment, it is also charged with certain values of togetherness. It might provide a place to work or feed, it could also be a place of social interactions, and on the contrary, emptiness.

Functionally, the design integrates proximity sensors that respond to human presence, affecting the projection. Aesthetically, the goal is to provide a timeless and unobtrusive design, focusing on the material, depth, and exploration of light. The presence of humans will influence the projection, resembling a digital wear of the surface. The seating works out of the same design language. The primary form is not the primary force to define it, but again the depth of material and light is.

Project info
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