ANALOG: Uppåkra Wood Fired Oven

The Uppåkra Wood Fired Oven provides a new level of culinarity through wholehearted immersion in the craft of analog cooking.

Finding its inspiration in the ancient connection to analog wood-fired cooking dating back to the time before electricity, The Uppåkra Wood Fired Oven is not something to behold and admire from a distance. It invites you to participate in the whole process from the choice of firewood to the act of analog cooking. There is generous space on the countertop for your Mise en Place, and the heat resistant ceramic will withstand sizzling hot skillets being placed on it. The griddle directly above the oven is heated by the scorching fire below and will produce a restaurant level sear in seconds. The oven caters to the affluent, quality-minded and initiated homeowners, who are both skilled and interested in cooking and want to take their culinary experiences to a new level. The UPPÅKRA Wood Fired Oven provides the functionality that allows high level baking and cooking so that we can once again gather around the fire with friends to enjoy a fantastic meal.

Project info
Markus Burman