Channel your energy into play

This interactive experience combines movement, collaboration, and physical activity in a fun engaging way. It is centered around a balance board retrofitted with a maze, where participants control the ball with their movements, using shifts in weight and adjustments in balance to control the ball’s direction and speed, which improves core stability, balance, and kinesthesia. Participants can challenge themselves and progress at their own pace with varying maze patterns. By putting in the physical effort to control the ball, it emphasizes that the participant is the sensor, generating the output of the game. In addition, AMAZE also includes a multiplayer mode. The activity, therefore, becomes a more social experience that encourages communication and teamwork.

AMAZE is a versatile project that can be used in various settings, including gyms, schools, offices, community centers, and events. It is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages. At its core, it aims to promote movement in a fun and interactive way, emphasizing the joy and wonder of physical exercise while providing physical benefits.

Project info
Anna Maria Nilsson
Clara Storsten
Lisa Wagner