a systemic, circular and human centered furniture solution for public spaces

Today’s public furniture requires a high level of flexibility in order to keep up with the fast changing human needs and behaviours.

Altitudes aims to answer to both the human and environmental needs thanks to a system focused on versatility and interchangeable parts, which makes it a sustainable solution. The main element of the structure can be configured in many different variants. Those can be used individually or together, on different heights, in different lengths and facing various directions.

Developed into two interconnected systems – floor and wall – that share some of the components and their easy way of being assembled, it investigates the essentials of having a support to rest while we are waiting, especially in passage areas. Both systems are highly customizable in configurations and colors by matching the different parts.
From the ideation, the goal has been to design a solution led by user behaviour that promotes intuitive use, meaning prioritizing people, placing the human experience at the beginning of the design process.

Altitudes invites natural behaviour, where its variety of configurations catches the attention and enables anyone to find their own spot to rest and observe.

The system is sustainable in its core, using a minimum amount of parts and conscious and durable materials that are easy to assemble, dissemble, adjust, reconfigure and maintain. Altitudes reflects on the way everybody interacts, meaning it brings longevity and flexibility in the way it’s being used.

Project info
Francesca Giulia Poli