Inviting nature to the moon

Soon humans will face the Moon again. This time not to place a flag, but to live. If humans are to settle on the Moon and other planets, we must be very thoughtful of how we design for social sustainability and mental well-being. We must not only survive, we must thrive.

This is why SAGA Space architects is currently developing the next Lunar home, and will perform an expedition to the Arctic regions of Greenland for three months to test it. In collaboration with the LUNARK expedition, my projects aims to aid the well-being of the
inhabitants, through establishing a connection to our roots, as we soar toward the skies.

ALGA bioreactor honours the symbiotic coexistence of human and nature, physically and spiritually.

The expedition crew are provided with fresh oxygen and highly nutritious biomass by ALGA , who thrives on their presence and invites them into daily interaction and stimulation. Thus establishing a symbiotic bond, where humans and nature mutually can thrive, far away from planet Earth.

Project info
Dante Zilliacus