ma/Active Mobility

Service and system design – CO2 tracking

Europe is tackling the climate change problem through an ambitious target of cutting greenhouse CO2 emission by 55 percent by 2030 to limit climate change and preserve Europe’s natural environment. Transport represents almost a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore the main cause of air pollution in cities.

The indirect emissions from activities outside an organization’s own operations are often accounting for a significant proportion of a company’s carbon footprint – sometimes up to 90%. Examples of these activities are business travel and employee commuting.
Therefore, companies are measuring their emissions and report this. The gathered data comes from various sources including travel, logistics and operations to gather a full and accurate footprint. The employee commuting is often calculated through surveys which are not accurate due to non-responses or estimations. Often the average emission per full time employee is used as data.

The focus of the project is therefore incentivizing people through service system design to commute in a more active and environmentally friendly way, which includes running, cycling and using public transport. With the aim to decrease the overall greenhouse gas emissions of the companies as well as the personal carbon footprint of individuals.