ma/active carrying

Adding carrying capacity to bicycles most commonly happens through imposing large spaces that enclose bags as means of transporting them. The prevalence of a passive relationship between bags and vehicles is one of the manifestations of the extensive and deep influence of cars in our lives today. active carrying is an attempt to question the underlying assumptions that govern the design of wide ecosystems of products relating to the transport landscape through which car-dependence is reproduced and reinforced.

With grocery shopping as the starting point, active carrying encourages a nonlinear relationship between a simple grocery bag and bicycle rack, without relying on sturdiness or bulky attachment elements. This is achieved through simple and low-cost elements that can be integrated in the design of bags and racks. These include a set of flipped hooks at the top and bottom of the rack made of the same material, and interdependence between the handles of the bag which are composed of one sling passing through four oval rings, whose dynamic configuration allows closure of the bag as well as its attachment to the rack.