A glass toothbrush holder

Keep your toothbrush clean and make your bathroom cozy

What do you use as a toothbrush holder? Right, a plastic drinking cup, why?

Because it’s easy, however not convenient. The remaining toothpaste with water on the toothbrush drips down and collects in a puddle on the bottom of the cup.

The toothbrush stands in this puddle thus the toothbrush stays wet. When using a wooden toothbrush (e.g. bamboo) the water will cause mould which is not very hygienic.

Besides this, the plastic cup is often not very aesthetically appealing. Therefore, the cup is often hidden in the cupboard.

Which leads us to the question; Why can’t we make the toothbrush holder an object with a pleasing appearance?

This design is a solution for a few problems; First, the toothbrush is hanging above the surface, the water can drip down and can be cleaned right away from the surface. Second, the toothbrush holder consists of a vase, by placing a flower or a plant, the holder gets a pleasing appearance. Lastly, the toothbrush holder is made of glass instead of plastic, and as glass has a circular life cycle it is therefore better for the environment.

Project info
Max van der Mars
Presskit (1.40 MB)