Explore the potential of bio-based materials in the context of a brand

Bio-based materials are considered to be an effective alternative to fossil-based materials and are being studied globally. It will be a long journey for the commercialisation of bio-based materials. Apart from waiting for the material technology to be mature, how will the material be rolled out to the market? This is the challenge faced by all new materials companies. 

The project is in collaboration with the innovation-driven materials company PEELSPHEREâ„¢, whose core products are bio-based materials made from algae and food waste. In the context of their brand, materials experiments are performed to understand bio-based materials and thus further explore the potential.

The company’s strategy, brand and products are first analysed to guide further material experiments. From the material exploration, different ways of using the material are summarised. A collection of abstract objects is eventually created based on the results of the experimental exploration. Why ABSTRACT? Abstract means more room for imagination and possibilities, more focusing on the material itself. Through the collection, the properties, qualities and ways of using the materials are presented. It is hoped that this will generate further inspiration for the clients.

Project info
Yifan Jin