Footwear design for adjustable outsole friction

If we think of footwear as a product that protects and interacts with our feet when we run, jump and walk. What are the potential possibilities that could have in the future?

Triggered by the trail running, this project explores the possibilities of footwear that can quickly provide users with different levels of frictional transition under varying road terrains.

Through an innovative exploration of the internal structure of the footwear midsole, combined with and driven by BOA fit system technology, the adjustable outsole lug depth is achieved. When the user encounters unpredictable changes in terrain during a journey, they can adjust the depth of the outsole to provide the level of friction they need for optimum protection and performance.

In this project, the experimental and innovative structure of the design result is a new principle and the beginning of new experimentation, aimed at constantly breaking expectations and pushing boundaries.

Keywords: Footwear design, Footwear experiment

Project info
Zelu Deng