Enough, Even and Glare-free are the lead words in vision ergonomics at indoor build sites.

The goal of the project was to put the builders’ vision in the spotlight and to give work sites good vision ergonomics by providing enough, even and glare-free light. Glare is reduced by lighting up the lumi- naire’s immediate surroundings. The shape of the luminaire and its capability of spreading light was carefully sculpted in a long modelling process. The hooks and loops out of steel wire and the angles of the body affords at least eight ways of placing the lu- minaire at the works site. It can be hung easily and allows the build- er to model the light according to needs. By placing light luminaire on the walls or the ceiling it gets out of the way, reducing the risk of getting blinded by the light. A mobile phone application affords dimming the light to suite any spe- cific task.

Project info
Martin Paulsson