An interactive bedside luminaire

Sleeping with a light on and using electronic devices in bed are both bad sleeping habits that can lead to poor sleep quality and negatively affect our health.

Sometimes, those who have a fear of darkness, end up falling asleep with a light left on, which negatively impacts the quality of sleep. Similarly, those who use their devices in bed receive a lot of light stimulation just before sleeping, creating the same problem.

My project was based on solving these two separate habits that result in the same common issue. How can I help people who are afraid of darkness sleep tight and avoid leaving the light on all night, and how can I make people who use their devices before bed keep track of the length of time they are using them?

During my research, I found that a light flicking off can be used as a simple signal to remind people to go to sleep.

The final design, 1H, is a bedside lamp with a timer that can be interacted with physically, not digitally, to show the passing of time intuitively.