San Glass

San Glass is a set of glassware to help visually impaired people pour beer into a glass without foaming over and thus get a better drink experience.


Crowding and sharing are key words if we imagine our future societies. But what happens if hygiene comes first?


A portable luminaire for an inside/outside use in which a detachable battery serves as a counterweight

Vision Goggle

Vision Goggle is a conceptual smart eyewear that can remind us to use our eyes reasonably by detecting real-time eye condition. It can help prevent eye discomfort through early means, especially for dry eyes and eyestrain caused by prolonged screen time.


Inspired by the current lock down situation due to COVID-19, Bobbedebed addresses kids’ need for physical activity inside small space home environments. Bobbedebed is a trampoline that also functions as a bed not to occupy additional space.

Hélice 2

Post-colonialism, neo-liberal market capitalism and union prohibitions are more of a rule than an exception and the underprivileged are being exploited. Putting control over equipment back into the hands of its wielders has become a huge part of the implementation program.


A way of introducing the technology of analogue modular synthesis from interested beginners to advanced/semi-professional users


Work and life balance becomes increasingly important when working from home is becoming a normality for many. Modes helps the user get into “working mode” and shift to “free time mode” by visually putting away work at the end of the day.


Electric surfboards are expensive toys. They are seeked for their ability to provide unmatched fun in water. Ranger is an electric surfboard redesigned for thrill and comfort. Designed in collaboration with Radinn, a market leader...

Urban Animal

Urban Animal is a seating concept that embraces playfulness, a seating concept that is meant to stand out in the space it occupies.


Horseplay is a project with playfulness in adults as a focal point. Playing is a big part of childhood; it helps us to develop and teaches us how to become adults. Therefore we often see play as an activity that differentiates us from children, but it could also be seen as an activity that makes us alike. Adults tend to play games that are considered more sophisticated and complex consisting of rules and framing difficult to understand for children. However, these games can also be seen as an intricate version and development of games that we played when being young. In this project play and playfulness in adults have been investigated in order to find a way to inspire to the activity and emotion that have a positive impact on us. The experience of playfulness can reduce stress and make us feel happier. The finished result is not only a playful object, but also a norm-breaking product of how adults play. This, in hope to help us find our inner child.

Honestly waste

“Is this honestly waste?” Yes it is! The waste from Swedese’s own production in Vaggeryd, their suppliers Steelnova and Anderssons Mekaniska has been transformed into a series of products that are designed for the home and office.