The Field Warden

A way to increse the crop yield with up to 25% and at the same time get a lot more free hours to do other tasks as a farmer.


Our food is produced further and further away from us. Consequently, we have lost our connection and respect for it, resulting in unnecessary food waste. Investigating alternative methods of growing vegetables created the ambition to encourage the end consumer to self-sufficient crop production at home. Initial trend research led to the rising interest for urban…


The aim of the project was to visualize the contemporary problems related to a linear economy, the Western world´s overconsumption and plastic waste. This was motivated by my interest in circular economy and sustainability, politics...

The Blue Project

A water kettle addressing our need for feedback and information to create sustainable behavior change.


An algae bioreactor for the LUNARK mission, aimed to create a connection to nature on the moon.


Packaging design for freeze-dried expedition food.


In the hectic and stressful climate of our more or less urbanized lives, it can be easy to neglect our surroundings and forget about our origins. The experiences and knowledge obtained from nature are increasingly absent for many children. This project focuses on the connection between children and nature in an outdoor oriented preschool. The…


A public seating system that calms people through movement in the state of waiting, which enhances playfulness.


Elegy is a portable Bluetooth speaker that is easy to disassemble and has a changeable appearance. Because of this, the speaker is easily repaired, maintained, and updated, which will increase its lifetime. This project is made in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen.


sino provides a guided self hypnosis intensified by the stimulation of senses. With essential oil, light and 3D sound the senses get stimulated to create both a vivid imagined and memorable experience. By smelling the same scent afterwards the experienced feeling can get triggered again and affect the user’s well being.


People are inescapably affected by their surroundings. Or at least, that is what I believe. This project is based on my longing to work with the objects that surround us in our everyday lives, and my fear of that not being enough. Through an investigation of how people have worked with the concept of everyday…